Drinking Water Tap

Is drinking water tap your main source of drinking water? If so, do you know the possible hazards that come with it? It may have some risks but there is something you can do to make it safer and even healthy for human consumption.

Drinking water tap used to be the main source of potable water by most Americans. However, recent studies revealed that tap water contains harmful chemicals and substances that are detrimental to the human body. This is the reason why many people nowadays prefer bottled water over tap water. Little did they know that about 40% of bottled water sold in the market these days are bottled tap water.

So what can you do to make drinking water tap safe? Know the different water treatment methods.

Water Treatment Methods

Tap water can be treated in several ways. Always remember that the most effective water treatment method depends on the contaminants found in your drinking water tap. So before buying water treatment devices, make sure to have your tap water analyzed to know its components and the contaminants present and pick the right device that can remove them.

  • Distillation
    This is the oldest water treatment method which involves boiling the tap water. Distillation eliminates a wide range of water impurities such as viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, as well as inorganic and organic contaminants.
  • Water Filters
    There is plenty of water filtration systems used these days and the carbon filter is one of them. It is effective and affordable.
  • Reverse Osmosis
    This method is quite common in commercial and residential set up. It eliminates different kinds of contaminants like microorganisms, inorganic impurities, pyrogens and many more.
  • Alkaline Water Ionizer
    Water produced by the alkaline water ionizer is considered as the best drinking water and is often recommended by health professionals.

Best Brands of Water Treatment Systems in the U.S.

Find out the best brands of water treatment devices sold in the U.S. these days, whether you need water distillers, water filters, reverse osmosis systems or alkaline water ionizers.

  • Water Distillers
    The top brands of water distillers are the American Water Distillers and NutriTeam Countertop Distiller. They offer a wide array of water distilling systems to suit both commercial and residential purposes.
  • Water Filters
    Your best bets for water filtration systems are from PUR, Brita, Kenmore, Aquasana, Multi-Pure and Crystal Quest. These companies offer a complete line of water filtration systems from pitcher filters to whole house water filtering systems.
  • Reverse Osmosis System
    APEC Water Systems, Watts Premier and AMPAC-USA are your best choices for reverse osmosis systems.
  • Alkaline Water Ionizer
    Should you need a water ionizer, get the one that is made by Enagic, Jupiter Science or Life Ionizer. They have a wide variety of water ionizers for residential and business setting.

So before drinking water tap, make sure that it is safe by employing the appropriate water treatment method. Have your tap water tested now and choose the treatment system that effectively eliminates the contaminants found in the water.


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